Meaningful engagement starts with
the right kind of data

Spartacus Digital helps you gain a deeper knowledge of your audience groups by revealing the core personality traits and motivations that drive behavior

Harness the power of Spartacus Digital's cutting-edge data enhancement and audience segmentation techniques with our catalogue of unique Data Models.

From voter affiliation and issue advocacy to consumer behavior and personality profiling, we can help give you a better and more actionable view of your key audiences.

Better audience targeting

Communication has changed. Blanket advertising no longer provides viable ROI for every campaign. Big data revolutionized the way organizations identify and locate their best prospects. But data alone isn’t enough.

Spartacus Digital is building a future where every individual can have a truly personal relationship with their favorite brands and causes by showing organizations not just where people are, but what they really care about and what drives their behavior.

Powered by smarter data modeling

At Spartacus Digital we use data modeling and psychographic profiling to grow audiences, identify key influencers, and connect with people in ways that move them to action.

Our unique data sets and unparalleled modeling techniques help organizations across the world build better relationships with their target audience across all media platforms.

Engage with your audience

Our product set lets you control every aspect of your audience engagement by building crucial information flows and behavioral connections.


5.000 data points
per person

As a Premier Google Partner, we work with brands large and small across the World as well as with other agencies and traditional companies, serving as their digital marketing and solutions vendor.


Our comprehensive range of analytics and engagement services are proven game changers that deliver smart solutions and produce real results.


We use the established scientific OCEAN scale of personality traits to understand what people care about and what really drives their decision making.


Our methodology combines scale and research driven technology to deliver accurate results identifying seismic shifts in politics, business and finance.


Social media give each us the power to converse, share and connect with each other. Knowing what your audience talk about and why allow you to reach strategically insights and help you to gain new leads.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has flat-out become a fundamental part of connecting with your target audience and educating them on your offerings. To stay in touch with your audience has never been more important.


Our product set lets you control every aspect of your audience engagement by building crucial information flows and behavioral connections.